The Eng Club

The Eng Club is an exclusive remote support service from MARSPEC. Join today and leverage our extensive network of suppliers and technicians. Benefit from our years of experience troubleshooting all kinds of faults in marine diesel engines and machinery.

Extend your technical capabilities with The Eng Club

At The Eng Club we recognise that optimisation of a company technical support network is key to successful asset management.

With the ongoing pandemic restrictions we have developed The Eng Club. We take away the risk, effort and time lost finding and fixing a problem.

We leverage our technical prowess, advanced knowledge, expert consulting capabilities and methodologies to deliver next-generation custom made solutions that help our clients meet their strategic priorities.

Our unbiased approach and vast network controlled from our UK offices means you get what you have paid for – a solution!

Compliance mandates, various consolidations, and globalization are challenging your current applications to scale with the market. At MARPSEC, development, quality assurance, and infrastructure operations will help reduce your operational down-time. We at The Eng Club from MARSPEC are here to help you achieve your goal.

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