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Engine Failure Investigations

Inspection of engines and fault finding requires experience and training to evaluate the evidence. At MARSPEC we don’t just look at a machine during our inspections but thoroughly investigate the history, operation and performance prior to any failure. We then present a factual report our customers can rely on to draw up a strategy or schedule of repair or maintenance.

With our Inspection of Machinery services finding faults and damages even the OEMs have missed results in rapid repair and serviceability.

We use a variety of research and root cause methodises:

  • Surveys
  • Experiments
  • Case studies 
  • Observational studies
  • Content analysis
  •  Focus groups
  • Meta-analysis
  • Action research
  • Interviews

Root Cause Analysis Methods

  1. The Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram (IFD)
  2. Pareto Chart
  3. 5 Whys
  4. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  5. Scatter Diagram
  6. Affinity Diagram
  7. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)

We don’t just investigate a failed machine but find the root cause and offer options or process changes to make a vessel or power plant operable as quickly as possible.

By identifying the root cause we don’t just stick a patch on a problem we drill down and identify the exact reason, which could be material fatigue, operational inconsistencies, human error or environmental impact. We will even continue the investigation by sourcing technical information, service bulletins or records to check inconstancies in maintenance planning or spares provision.

We look at every aspect and will provide a commercial solution which works for our customers.

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