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Pre-Sale Surveys

MARSPEC are known specialists across the globe for vessel and site pre-sale surveys and providing detailed reports that deliver great results every time.

Our expert inspectors offer pre-purchase vessel machinery condition assessment services in most ports around the world.

MARSPEC condition reports help to identify businesses’ exposure to potential risks when buying a second-hand vessel and present evidence for sales negotiation.

What is a Vessel Pre-purchase Inspection?

MARSPEC Pre-purchase Machinery Inspections are used by Shipbrokers & Ship-owners, to gain a full insight into the vessel’s condition, and to mitigate the significant financial risks when acquiring a vessel. This enables our clients to make intelligent investment decisions.

Here are the key aspects entailed in our vessel machinery pre-purchase inspection:

  1. Thorough Examination:
    • The surveyor meticulously examines the ship’s structuremachineryequipment, and overall maintenance.
    • They look for signs of damagewear, or any necessary repairs.
    • The goal is to evaluate the vessel’s seaworthiness and identify any potential issues.
  2. Independent Assessment:
    • An independent professional conducts the inspection to ensure unbiased judgment.
    • The assessment helps identify the buyer’s exposure to risks related to the vessel’s purchase.
  3. Global Cover:
    • Inspection services are available at major ports worldwide.
  4. Standardized Process:
    • From appointing an inspector to delivering the final report, the entire process follows standardized procedures.
    • Standardized reports facilitate faster investment decisions by allowing easy comparison of multiple target vessels based on common assessment criteria.
  5. Thorough Investigation:
    • Prior to the inspection, the technical team conducts background research on the vessel using previous surveys & Class records, and other available research sources.
  6. Time Coordination:
    • Coordinating inspections can be complex due to unpredictable port schedules.
    • Port operations or sailing schedules are analysed to ensure that inspectors have sufficient time to assess the ship.

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