October Newsletter

This month is our first ever newsletter under our new name. Find out all about one of MARSPEC’s latest projects where a charity needed our help along with a study on the human health impacts of SOx emissions from ships and how we see major potential for HydroDiesel fuel until more sustainable power sources can be developed, tested and proved in the marine environment. Of course there is also exciting news as the world record power boat takes to the air! Excalibur is afloat!

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September Newsletter

MARSPEC Engineering Consultants Newsletter

We are super excited to be announcing our new name and brand. We are proud to announce that we are changing our company name to MARSPEC Engine Consultants which stands for Marine Specialised Engine Consultants. With our exclusive worldwide distribution agreement for HydroDiesel and defined products portfolio of hybrid fuels, green lubes and filtration we are ready for the challenges ahead like never before.

As a family run business, we offer our expert services based on many years of experience which is supported by a wide network of specialised service and product providers.

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August Newsletter

newsletter august

This month we talk about “When Quality Matters”. Quality engineering is the discipline of engineering concerned with the principles and practice of product and service quality assurance and control. During our investigations, we have seen many types of quality related failings, some hard to detail without forensic analysis. Read our full newsletter to find out more about our investigations along with feedback from CWIND’s Technical Manager.

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