June Newsletter

MARSPEC Partnering with Watson Fuels has been a Game Changer! This strategic partnership allows us to supply the marine and power industries with Texaco lubricants. This further strengthens our companies standing as the go to name for engine related unreliability, efficiency or failure issues.

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May Newsletter

Our partnership with Stone Marine Services was set up to simplify our global reach. We are two companies with one goal: To be the best at offering unbiased, one stop, marine engineering technical services and products. We have a partnership that just works!

With the world screaming our for a ‘fix all solution’ to exhaust emissions. SHIPSONIC is a product you can trust to reduce your vessel costs significantly and what’s more it’s simple to fit!

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April Newsletter

Do you want to save fuel and improve reliability? MARSPEC are pleased to announce we are now selling ShipSonic Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems to our customers.  MARSPEC are an innovative company who have a goal of trying to make the world a much cleaner place. We do this by reducing emissions from engine exhausts using Clean Fuel to LanoPro lubricants that don’t harm the environment.

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