August Newsletter

newsletter august

This month we talk about “When Quality Matters”. Quality engineering is the discipline of engineering concerned with the principles and practice of product and service quality assurance and control. During our investigations, we have seen many types of quality related failings, some hard to detail without forensic analysis. Read our full newsletter to find out more about our investigations along with feedback from CWIND’s Technical Manager.

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July Newsletter

Maktec Newsletter HydroDisel Clean Fuel

This month we discuss why Diesel isn’t a dirty word! We are asked on a regular basis what our thoughts are on the use of LNG as a fuel within the marine industry and about the concerns of Methane slip and leakage. We at Maktec believe the next step forward is HydroDiesel and the use of low friction lubricants.

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June Newsletter

Maktec Marine Newsletter June

This month it’s all about Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and how we saved our customer’s engine. Find out more about how RCA could help you along with one of our case studies. We can apply RCA to almost any situation.

Also Maktec Marine Limited and Team Britannia continue to work toward a common goal of making a difference within the diesel engine industry by spreading the word that HydroDiesel benefits the environment and improves efficiency.

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