Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance & Servicing

MARSPEC provides worldwide marine diesel maintenance and repair services. From simple fuel pump changes to more complicated engine installations. MARSPEC has extensive experience maintaining and repairing all kinds of marine diesel engines.

MARSPEC are a specialized diesel and gas engine consultancy company based in the UK. With agents worldwide we can react to our customers’ requirements. We provide worldwide marine diesel maintenance and repair services.

We carry out inspection, repair and investigation on most types of marine machinery. From a simple MaK or CAT vibration problem to more complex Bergen engine crankshaft exchanges.

It’s part of what we do and why we keep on doing it.

Our factory trained engineers know. Efficiency is down to the small differences made during an engine’s service.

Our engineers are always looking to get the most out of every engine we service or repair. Fuel efficiency and emissions compliance are now of major concern to companies.

By analysing system irregularities and data we can identify machinery and parameters irregularities. This could be poor injection of a Wartsila 32, valve timing or gas flow restriction of a MAK 552AK.

Using cutting-edge technology we can perform these surveys in person or remotely. With hybrid fuels and lubricants we can achieve major improvements at little cost.

When called upon we can support customer insurance claims. MARSPEC and present technical reports which lead to successful outcomes for our clients. Asset management is another specialised service we offer. Based on many years of experience operating legacy machinery.

Marine Diesel Engine Health Checks

Regular engine health checks alongside oil sampling. We will give you an insight into the condition of your engine. We provide simple traffic light system reports. These are easy to understand, identifying excessive wear or failures before they happen. This allows our customers to plan ahead.

Routine Maintenance of Marine Diesel Engines and Machinery

Many already know the importance of engine maintenance. But done using the wrong uncertified tools increases the risk of damage. We have been maintaining and repairing engines for 20 years and take great pride in our record to date. If you worried about your engine our engineers will carry out a detailed report. We will explain the options available and present a matinenance or repair plan.

You can trust MARSPEC with your marine diesel engine.

Remote Technical Support For Your Marine Diesel Engines

Our Remote Technical Support Service (RTSS) has proved a major success, especially in COVID 19 travel restriction times.

Growth in remote support services has resulted in us setting up The Eng Club. This is an exclusive remote support service, in support of customer’s technical teams or senior management.

This comes with further major benefits including reduced rates. One call gives our clients access to a vast network ready to react to any given problem with a solution.

Real Time Remote Technical Support Service (RTRTSS) simply uses local staff with a phone. We can walk through a site and in most cases identify a fault and offer a repair process or procedure. Saving the customers thousands of dollars and reducing down time.

Being a member of The Engine Club guarantees someone will be by your side where ever you are in the world ready to help.

Engine Upgrades 

By incorporating engine upgrades we reduce the critical environmental impact of the vessel. 

Energy saving solutions, such as our WiDE fuels and OEM approved lubricants from Shell, Chevron, Texaco make the difference.

Using these products results in high level fuel efficiency improvements and reduced emissions.

MARSPEC also optimise engine-based power plants. We supply OEM approved lubricants and fuels that reduce cylinder liner varnishing and wear.

MARSPEC offers lifecycle solutions. Ensuring power plants follow regulations in the most energy-efficient way. 

Engine Efficiency Improvements

Our long-term focus is on low emissions and high engine efficiency. With a key factor being the development of integrated engine and auxiliary systems. Offering the potential for considerable cost savings to owners or operators.

Another benefit is the provision of increased flexibility. In response to changing load patterns in systems with a notable share of solar and wind energy.

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